“It is always difficult to get it down to 3 winners,” comments Rod Bradshaw, Ag Innovations Committee Chair and Innisfail area crop and vegetable producer. “The technology is diversifying every year, and the ideas keep getting better. We believe this year’s winning entries will have broad appeal and could be readily adopted by a lot of farmers.”

1) First place this year is awarded to the The STOCKade ST400i. This FenceFast Ltd product is the world's first 4mm diameter/9 Gauge cordless fencing stapler. It has the power of a pneumatic fencing stapler but is not reliant on compressors and hoses. It is safe and allows staples to be fired with one hand, allowing the second hand to be out of harms way.

2) Second place goes to the Raczynski Sales Inc. Tire Jogger, a skid steer farm tire handler. This innovation is a safe and easy way to handle large farm tires, specifically designed for high clearance sprayer tires. It is a skid steer grapple attachment grapple which allows a single operator to pickup a tire laying flat on the ground, flip it and rotate it so it can be mounted without the operator touching it.

3) Third place is awarded to Michelin North America (Canada) Inc.’s Cargo X Bib High Flotation 750/60R30.5 tire. Offering a larger footprint of up to 17% at 2 bars and up to a 37% at 4 bars, this tire is also self-cleaning due to the design of the tread blocks. Additionally, the Ultraflex Technologies casing is compatible with CTIS, meaning this tire can be both efficient on the road and in the field, helping farmers preserve crop yields, lower fuel consumption, increase tire life and save time.
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