Agri-Trade Equipment Expo is designed to provide a venue for buyers and exporters to do business all in one location and under one continuous roof.

Agri-Trade Equipment Exposition works toward supporting international buyers in their travel and attendance at the show in order to make the trip to Alberta productive and convenient. 

While at the show Agri-Trade Equipment Expo provides buyers and sellers with the opportunity to interact in comfort in Private meeting rooms and specialized invitations to events. Internationalguests also have access to facilitators to arrange meetings, assist with travel and accommodations 

International Guest Pamphlet

Key Information 

  • More than 28,000 guests come to Agri-Trade Exposition to view, buy and sell Agriculture Equipment and Products 
  • Agri-Trade is located in Red Deer Alberta which has some of the most productive farmland in Alberta and western Canada and is conveniently located between our two major internationalairports. 
  • Alberta is the 4th largest province in Canada
  • Alberta generates 13.6 Billion dollars annually in Farm Cash Reciepts
  • Alberta manufacturers exported 21.6 Billion in Machinery in 2016
  • Alberta is one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world with a total agricultural production area of 50.5 million acres or 20.4 million Hectares
  • Over 475 Exhibitors market their products, innovations and services over the 4 days of the event
  • Agri-Trade generates an estimated $300,000,000.00 in sales annually for Alberta and Canadian Manufacturer’s and equipment dealers