The exhibitor agrees to abide by all regulations and rules adopted by Agri-Trade Equipment Exposition and contained within this agreement in the best interests of the Show and agrees that Agri-Trade shall have the final decision in adopting any rules or regulations deemed necessary prior to, during and after the show.
  • Agri-Trade Show Management reserves the right to place all exhibitors in the show (exhibit space, size and/or location is subject to change).  All payments are due thirty (30) days from receipt of renewal with payment terms as follows:
  • All invoices that are past due by 30 days or more from the date that the invoice is sent out.  The late payment fee will be 5% of the original invoice.
    • An account under $30,000 – Full payment is required upon receipt and must be paid by credit card, EFT (electronic fund transfer) or cheque. 
    • An account over $30,000 – 50% Partial payment is required upon receipt with the remaining balance due August 1st of that show year by Cheque or EFT (electronic fund transfer). (PLEASE NOTE: EFT can only be utilized by exhibitors that hold a Canadian Bank Account). 
    • NSF Cheques/EFT, and declined credit cards will be seen as non-payment and it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to provide payment by the original due date.
    • Exhibitors utilizing EFT (electronic fund transfer) as a form of payment, can only do so if they hold a Canadian Bank Account. Once the exhibitor has indicated that they would like to use the EFT method as their form of payment, the exhibitor will then follow the steps below:
  1. click on the payments@agri-trade.com link to request application forms to set up for EFT (forms sent to exhibitor will be an application form from ATB Financial),
  2. once forms are completed, exhibitor will email application back to: payments@agri-trade.com, (once the accounting department has reviewed the application and has deemed that the exhibitor fits all criteria, exhibitor payment will be processed 30 days after the original invoice due date).
  • Agri-Trade reserves the right at its sole discretion to change the location and date or dates upon which the event is to be held and shall not be liable in damages or otherwise by reason of any such change. In addition, Agri-Trade shall not be liable in damages or otherwise for failure to carry out the terms of this agreement in whole or in part where caused directly or indirectly by or in consequence of fire, storm, flood, war, epidemic, pandemic, rebellion, insurrection, riot, civil commotion, strike or by any cause whatever beyond the control of Agri-Trade.
  • The Exhibitor acknowledges that the COVID-19 pandemic is resulting in continued changes to health and safety requirements and commits that it shall abide by all health and safety requirements, whether imposed by the Province of Alberta, the Westerner Park, or Agri-Trade, and whether imposed with or without notice, and any breach of such guidelines and requirements shall be deemed a breach of this Agreement entitling Agri-Trade to, in its sole discretion, terminate or suspend the Exhibitor’s right to participate in this Agreement, without refund of fees.
  • The Exhibitor application and contract are not transferrable. Subletting of a booth or equipment space by the Exhibitor is strictly prohibited. The exhibit location is to be used exclusively for the purpose shown on this Agreement. Exhibitors caught breaching this line item will immediately be removed from the show and will not be allowed to exhibit in the future. (No Exceptions)


All cancellations of exhibit space must be done in writing, via email and the following refund policies will apply:

  • Agri-Trade Exhibitors cancelling before May 1st will be charged 20% of the total space rental amount.
  • Exhibitors cancelling before September 1st (but after May 1st) will be charged 50% of the total space rental amount.  
  • Exhibitors cancelling after SEPTEMBER 1st will forfeit all space payments and/or deposits and will be moved to the wait list category for the next year’s show.   (Show Management reserves the right to ensure that cancelled spaces are filled with exhibitors and booth space does not remain empty during the show).

Unforeseen Cancellation:

In the event that the show is cancelled due to public health orders or restrictions, or for any other reason outside of the control of Agri-Trade including acts of God, wars, epidemics, pandemics, hostilities, blockades, earthquakes, civil disturbances, strike or lockouts, revolutions, terrorist attack or government rules or restrictions after payment has been made. The following Cancellation policy would then apply:

  • Exhibitors will have the option of carrying forward their entire deposit to their exhibits to the next following show year, and retain your current location in the show, subject to space availability and show regulations.
  • Those exhibitors that want to guarantee participation in the event, and ensure that they have space in the show, will leave a minimum of 50% of the exhibit fee on deposit.
  • Full Refund – for those that need a full refund we will offer that upon written request.


  • Corporate company names, contact information and booth locations will be published on the event website, mobile app and in a handout provided at the show.  Exhibitors are responsible for updating all their information including logo, exhibitor categories and contact information, etc., each show year. 
  • Privacy Laws will apply to exhibitor information.


Fire Regulations:

Agri-Trade Management works closely with Red Deer EMS personnel to receive floor plan exhibitor placement approval.  That means that your space outline or allocation must be adhered to without deviation.  Each year we are physically inspected by Red Deer EMS personnel to determine that there are no infractions such as exit blockage.  Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated. 

Fire regulations prohibit the use of any kind of bales or other potential fire hazards within the buildings.  Roofed buildings are also prohibited inside the pavilions as they block the sprinkler system from operating efficiently should an emergency occur. If you are concerned about anything you are planning to display, please contact show management.

2 story displays must submit a complete set of engineered drawings to the Red Deer Emergency Services team for approval.  A stamped copy will be retained on file by the Show Manager and the display is subject to inspection by the Red Deer Emergency Services team prior to show opening.

Move In Times:

If you require large door access and miss your move-in time you will be scheduled into the rotation with no guarantee of timing.  Upon arrival to the building at your scheduled move in time, please check in with the Floor Manager for that pavilion and they will ensure you get your equipment in as soon as possible.  All equipment must be cleared of snow before entering the building including boxes and accessories. 

Exhibitors using a motor vehicle to assist with brief unloading and loading during set-up and tear-down of exhibits is permitted for short periods of time during your scheduled move-in time/move-out.  Vehicles are not permitted to be left un-attended or left idling.

Insurance (MANDATORY):

All exhibitors are responsible for carrying their own insurance (general and third party liability) related to their participation at the show and must be uploaded to the Exhibitor Dashboard no later than October 1st, 2022. Please find requirements listed below (failure to meet all requirements listed below will result in your insurance certificate being declined:


Insured Third Party Listed & Address: Agri-Trade Equipment Expo, 3017 Gaetz, 50 Ave, Red Deer, AB, T4N 5Y6,

Insurance Liability: $2,000,000 minimum,

Duration/Dates: Exhibitor shall obtain and maintain in force for the period beginning with the move-in date and ending after the move-out of equipment/belongings from the Westerner Park Grounds.

Failure to provide insurance as per above, may result in forfeiture of the Exhibitor’s display space. (NO EXCEPTIONS) 

Facility Damages:

Exhibitors causing damage to Westerner Park facilities as a result of move-in/move-out or show activities will be held responsible and accountable for any repair or refurbishing costs incurred.

Exhibitor Property:

The Exhibitor’s property shall be placed on display and exhibited at his/her own risk and Agri-Trade shall assume no responsibility for loss or damage hereto, before, during or after the Show. The Exhibitor shall assume all responsibility for loss or damage to their property that may be due to fire, theft, flood, lightning, earthquake, explosion, or any other cause. The Exhibitor agrees that all property, including animals/livestock, which the Exhibitor has on the premises referred to in this contract is the responsibility of the Exhibitor and is in its care, custody and/or control.

Lotteries and Draws:

Exhibitors shall not operate draws or lotteries without expressed written permission of Show Management, please email nstewart@agri-trade.com.  Show Management reserves the right to ban objectionable premiums and novelties and to prevent the sale or distribution of any articles or products which it believes might endanger the health and safety of those attending the show.


Aisles must not be obstructed at any time.  Demonstrations must be conducted within the aisle line of the exhibit space.  If several spectators are expected to congregate at one time, space must be left within each exhibit area in which an audience may gather.  Should spectators interfere with normal traffic flow in the aisle or overflow into the aisle, show management reserves the right to request that such presentations be limited or discontinued. This will be strictly enforced, no exceptions.


All Exhibitor booths are expected to be set-up in full by 9:00am Wednesday, November 9th.  An exhibitor representative must be present at all times in the booth throughout the duration of the show (Wednesday to Friday - 9am to 5pm).  

Advertising must be kept within exhibitor booths, (i.e. posting of advertising on pillars, walls, any Westerner Park locations outside of your booth location).

Only representatives of exhibitors with a paid booth space are permitted to conduct business at Agri-Trade.  If a third party company is found conducting business without a paid booth, they will be asked to leave the premises.

All draped booth space displays must not reduce visibility into a neighboring booth. Agri-Trade reserves the right to move such displays that reduce visibility.

Sound Levels:

The noise level of any demonstrations or sound systems or equipment must be kept to a minimum in order not to interfere with others.  Show management reserves the right to determine the sound level at which the noise interferes with others and may require the exhibitor to discontinue.

Food and Beverage:

Exhibitors are not permitted to serve any food or beverages in their exhibit area unless expressly permitted in writing by the host venue, Westerner Park. 

Selling Outside the Booth Space:

We encourage all exhibitors to sell directly in their booth space.  Promotions outside of your allocated exhibit space that are NOT authorized by Event Management will be immediately shut down in order to avoid NON-exhibitors from selling/promoting at the show.  This is to protect the investment you have made in this show and we value your business.  If you see anyone promoting outside of their booth space, please let Event Management know immediately.

Booth Sharing:

Sharing of exhibit spaces is strictly prohibited.  One company – one booth.  Companies may have dealers assist with staffing their exhibits.  Any infraction of this rule will result in expulsion from the event, and your company will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.

Exhibitor Functions:

Show management requires that exhibitors limit social functions and off-floor seminars to times not in conflict with any AGRI-TRADE functions as listed in the show guide.  In addition, exhibitors agree to not remove attendees from the show floor during regular show hours.

Early Dismantle:

We will be shutting down Agri-Trade at 5:00 pm on Friday, November 11th.  Any exhibitor that is witnessed dismantling any part of their display earlier than 5:00 pm without the prior written consent of  Show Management will be excluded from exhibiting in the next years Agri-Trade show (including Outside Exhibitors).  We still have people entering the show at noon on Friday, November 11th who pay full admission and we will not have them denied the opportunity to see the whole show.

Used Equipment:

Agri-Trade Equipment Expo highlights new products only.  The focus of this show is to feature new products and services in the agricultural industry.  Used equipment, photos of used equipment or the promotion of used equipment for sale is NOT allowed on the show grounds.  The use of antique farm equipment as part of a display motif or to celebrate a special milestone in show history is permitted.  Show management has the right to remove an exhibitor who does not abide by this policy.

Move Out/Removal of Equipment:

All equipment must be cleared out of the buildings by noon on Saturday, November 12th with no exceptions.  Exhibitors on Centrium Ice Level, please note: all displays must be dismantled and off the floor by 9pm on Friday, November 11th. Any exhibitor missing this deadline may be levied with a fine.  If your equipment is left in the building, it will be removed from the building by Goodkey Show Services and placed on the grounds.  They are not liable for any damage that occurs during this time.  Please ensure your staff is ready to move you out after the show on Friday, November 11th starting at 5 pm. 

If outdoor storage of equipment is required, please park in the Southwest parking lot on the grounds (Please note: this includes outdoor exhibitors as well).  All outdoor equipment must be off Westerner Park grounds by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, November 15thUnless previous arrangements are made with show management, fines may be levied against any exhibitor whose equipment is still on site after that time.  No exceptions will be made and equipment still on the grounds after this time will be shipped to the exhibitor COD with the shipping company of the Show Management’s choosing.

Rules will be strictly enforced for the duration of the show including set-up and tear-down and exhibitors are responsible for any fines or conditions placed on them as a result of disregarding rules.